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CTEK-AC01 (Unshield Alarm Cable)

1, Conductor: Bare copper or CCA, Solid or Stranded


 2,Sample Specification as below

                        Item Number           Section            Description        Overall Diameter
                       CTEK-AC01001      2x0.22mmq       2x7/0.20mm              3.0mm
                       CTEK-AC01002      4x0.22mmq       4x7/0.20mm              3.5mm
                       CTEK-AC01003      6x0.22mmq       6x7/0.20mm              4.1mm
                       CTEK-AC01004      8x0.22mmq       8x7/0.20mm              4.5mm
                       CTEK-AC01005     10x0.22mmq     10x7/0.20mm             5.2mm
                       CTEK-AC01006     12x0.22mmq     12x7/0.20mm             5.4mm

                       CTEK-AC01007      2x0.20mmq        2x1/0.50mm              3.0mm
                       CTEK-AC01008      4x0.20mmq        4x1/0.50mm              3.5mm
                       CTEK-AC01009      6x0.20mmq        6x1/0.50mm              4.2mm
                       CTEK-AC01010      8X0.20mmq        8x1/0.50mm              4.5mm
                       CTEK-AC01011     10x0.20mmq      10x1/0.50mm             5.3mm
                       CTEK-AC01012     12x0.20mmq      12x1/0.50mm             5.5mm


3, Packing: 100m/paper spoll, 1000m/drum.

4, Custom colors available upon request.

5, Custom specification and lengths and packing available upon request.